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John Hennessy - Owner

Riverview Ford (Oswego)

Oswego, IL


Just wanted to send you a quick note on the benefits of having a Feece Oil gasoline tank on site. The biggest advantage to my operation is time and liability. We aren’t missing a sales consultant or porter for hours. It saves my operation on the average of 3 hours each for 4 porters every day. That’s 12 hours per day – that’s over 3,000 paid hourly hours per year saved – just by having your fuel tank. Plus, the new vehicle that is being filling up is not off the property being exposed to an accident. We typically experience about 2-3 small accidents each year, which costs us thousands of dollars. Once you have this tank, you wouldn’t go back the other way. It’s like having power windows for the first time - once you had them you would never buy a car without them! The facts speak for themselves – Thanks for all you do for us.