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  •   87 Octane Gasoline (contains 10% ethanol)
    •   89 Octane Gasoline (contains 10% ethanol)
      •   93 Octane Gasoline (contains 10% ethanol)
        •   90 Octane Recreational Gasoline (NO ethanol)
          •   89 Octane Pre-mix 50:1
            •   E-85

              DIESEL FUEL

              •   #2 On-Road Diesel
                •   #2 Off-Road Diesel
                  •   On-Road B11 BIO-Diesel
                    •   Off-Road B11 BIO-Diesel
                      •   #1 Diesel/Kerosene

                        PREMIUM PRODUCTS

                        WINTER PRODUCTS

                        •   Winter Treated Diesel
                          •   70/30 Winter Blend Diesel


                            Many factors effect gasoline and diesel pricing and these prices change on a daily basis.  Also, delivery volume, delivery location, order urgency, credit terms, and local fuel taxes all effect pricing.


                            We can provide a “lock-in” fuel contract price as well.  Contract pricing varies based on NYMEX futures and expected basis levels.  Contact us to discuss further.

                            DELIVERY FEE

                            While we do not have a minimum delivery amount, we do charge a delivery fee on gasoline and diesel orders of less than 200 gallons per product.

                            REMOTE GAUGE

                            By monitoring your tank levels for you, you do not have to worry about ordering fuel OR running out of fuel.  This allows us to schedule deliveries more efficiently and offer you the best possible fuel pricing.  You as a customer can have access to the remote gauge site and see your tank levels and usage history at any time.