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Phillips 66 Syncon R&O 46

Phillips 66® Syncon R&O Oil (ISO VG 32-68) is a premium quality, synthetic, rust and oxidation (R&O)-inhibited circulating oil developed primarily for use in rotary screw and rotary vane air compressors operating under severe-service conditions or at extreme temperatures. It is particularly recommended for use in applications where operating conditions may be unfavorable or too severe for conventional mineral oil-based circulating oils.

Product Features:

  • Outstanding resistance to thermal breakdown at high temperatures
  • Outstanding oxidation resistance to minimize deposit and varnish formation
  • Protects against wear
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Good water-separating properties
  • Good foam resistance
  • Excellent low-temperature fluidity
  • Low carbon-forming tendency
  • Extended service intervals compared with mineral oil-based lubricants