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Phillips 66® Multiplex 600 is a high quality, multipurpose, extreme pressure (EP) lithium complex grease developed for the lubrication of automotive and industrial equipment operating under heavy loads and at moderate to high temperatures. It is recommended for use in a variety of automotive, agricultural, construction, mining, and industrial applications. It is NLGI GC-LB certified for use as a multipurpose automotive wheel bearing and chassis lubricant. Multiplex 600 is manufactured with high-quality base oils, a special polymer, and a lithium complex soap thickener. It is fortified with EP and antiwear additives plus rust and oxidation inhibitors. It has excellent thermal stability at high temperatures, high load carrying capacity for excellent wear protection, and protects metal parts against rust and corrosion. Its tackiness properties and heavy base oil provide a high level of adhesion to bearing surfaces maintaining an effective seal to help minimize bearing contamination, improve retention, reduce leakage and provide excellent resistance to water washout.

Product Features:

  • Excellent high temperature performance
  • Excellent wear protection
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Excellent resistance to water washout
  • Good low temperature pumpability
  • NLGI GC-LB certified

SKU Details

Sku Images Part# Description NLGI Grade Sold In (UOM)
CPEP2MULP600P P66 Multiplex 600,EP2 1/35#
CPEP2MULP600K P66 Multiplex 600,EP2 1/120#
CPEP2MULP600D P66 Multiplex 600,EP2 1/400#
CPEP2MULP600C P66 Multiplex 600,EP2 Carton