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Phillips 66 Ramar XDO 40W (zinc free)

Phillips 66® Ramar Diesel XDO is a high-quality, zinc-free, heavy-duty diesel engine oil designed for use in all 2-stroke cycle and 4-stroke cycle railroad locomotive diesel engines. It also is recommended for use in railroad-type diesel engines used in marine service or in stationary service for power generation. It is formulated with a new technology, reduced ash (11 TBN) additive package that is particularly recommended for use in modern Progressive Rail and GE power units running on low or ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel.

Product Features:

  • New technology, reduced ash (11 TBN) additive package for modern railroad locomotive diesel engines
  • High dispersancy-detergency to protect against sludge and varnish formation
  • Improved TBN retention for extra protection in longer or more severe service intervals
  • Helps keep engines clean and extend oil filter life
  • Minimizes port blocking in 2-stroke cycle engines
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Non-corrosive to silver engine components in older EMD engines
  • Non-chlorinated additive system for easier recycling or disposal of used oil
  • Low-SAPS formulation for compatibility with future exhaust aftertreatment technologies