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On-Site Fuel Tank Saves Big Money for High Volume Auto Dealership

BMW of Orland Park

Orland Park, IL


BMW of Orland Park moved to a new state-of-the-art location that required a larger piece of land than the prior location. This new location was spacious but farther from retail gas stations than their prior location, taking much more porter time when cars need fuel.


When it comes to a constant need for fuel, the better your business is growing, the worse your fuel needs or aggravations are. BMW of Orland Park was fueling up dozens of cars per day, and that process was averaging 30 minutes per fill-up.


Feece was able to locate an on-site above-ground tank right at the dealership. This saved 30 minutes per fill-up AND allowed them to pay a negotiated price on fuel rather than using local retail stations.


The dealership is saving significantly on the per gallon cost of fuel; saving up to 3,000 porter hours per year and most importantly, saving the repair costs and lost of opportunities that went along with 3 or 4 porter refueling trip accidents per year.


on-site fuel tank; auto dealership