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Lexus of Orland Park (Kowalis Auto Group)

Orland Park, IL


I’d like to thank Feece Oil and especially Craig Olsby for setting up Lexus of Orland Park with our on- site Gas Tank. The installation was extremely smooth & painless. Craig was right by telling us that we could experience some savings on the cost of gasoline vs the pump price. I know this could change with the market, but on average we are saving approximately 18-20 cents a gallon vs pump price. However, the bigger savings is in time spent at a gas station. We fill up every recall & every new & used car that we process. I don’t think we could do it if we didn’t have the fuel on site. It’s fast and easy. We are saving a minimum of 10-12 hours each week that valets would be off site sitting in a gas station down the street. You should really call Feece Oil & see if they can help you like they did for us.


on-site fuel tank; auto dealership