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World Kia

Joliet, IL


Each and every year for the last decade, I am sure that when we were leaving the property going to a gas station & filling customers car with gas for a delivery, we would get into 3 to 4 accidents per year. Some were minor & some were not, but it often resulted in the loss of 1 to 2 of those sales. If we were even making $1,500 per sale it has cost each dealership about $3,000. Not to mention we still needed to repair the actual cars and if the damage was not large enough to claim on our insurance, it would come out of pocket which was easily $3,000 per car times 3 cars per year would be another $9,000 out of pocket. By mitigating the lost sale(s) & repairs, we are easily ahead $12,000 annually per dealership, just by having gasoline on site. Wish I would’ve done this years ago. Thanks for everything.