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Mobil Diesel Efficient fuel helps improve fuel system performance in both on- and off-highway applications. The advanced fuel has been engineered to improve diesel fuel economy and boost engine performance, and has been tested in multiple real-world applications.

Mobil Diesel Efficient fuel contains a patented additive technology that is specially designed to clean up both internal injector deposits and nozzle coking deposits. Today’s diesel engines have sophisticated fuel systems engineered to meet stringent emissions requirements. Deposits that form inside the fuel injectors can impede the movement of the needle, and cause early failure of the injectors. Deposits building up inside the injector nozzle can restrict fuel flow, deteriorate the fuel spray quality and result in loss of engine power, increased emissions and reduced fuel economy. Mobil Diesel Efficient fuel helps to prevent deposit formation and clean up existing deposits that may be damaging your engine performance. Further, Mobil Diesel Efficient offers fuel system corrosion protection. Mobil Diesel Efficient can also help to prevent premature fuel filter plugging.

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